Are blood samples taken only in the morning?
Can we drink water before the blood draw?
How many hours before the blood draw should I fast?
Does menstruation affect the exams?
Can I smoke before the blood draw?
What tests does the general blood test include?
Preparing a child for a blood draw
Instructions for diabetics
Sugar curve
Sugar/insulin test
Instructions for patients on anticoagulant therapy
Coagulation test
Drug Levels: (antiepileptics, lithium, digoxin etc)
What should I watch out for in order to do a general urination?
General or Urine Culture
24-hour Urine Collection
24-Hour Urine Collection for VMA, Metanephrins, Catecholamines
Urethral fluid culture
Sperm Cultivation
Sperm diagram
MAYER feces
Our laboratory performs the molecular test for COVID-19 in a specially designed area using the reference method RT-PCR.

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